The Layout of Scrypta

Scrypta layout is defined by the organizations that promote and participate in the development of the Project, with the common mission of encouraging and experimenting new technological perspectives based on the Scrypta open-source language.

Task Force

A team formed by the creators of the Scrypta project and the Core Development Team. During the six months preceding the genesi, team accomplished the following targets:

  • Standardize network protocols and APIs on the QUARK Scrypta algorithm in order to build the cornerstone of a shared, potentially infinite and perfectly scalable ecosystem.
  • Explore and foster multiple potential use cases for crypto-algorithms based on Scrypta blockchain.
  • ‘Genesis Block’ creation, block 0 of the Scrypta blockchain.

Scrypta Foundation

It is an autonomous, legally regulated organization that represents and finances projects related to the Scrypta architecture. It communicates and spreads the Project vision, offering consultancy aimed to the entire ecosystem development.

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Scientific Advisory Board

This committee is composed of a qualified team of developers and experts with the aim to develop the scientific guidelines to improve Scrypta infrastructure and facilitate the adoption and implementation of Blockchain oriented applications with related technologies.

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